Today’s Most Popular Stories 6.21.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for June 21, 2011:

Washington Post: Meet The Nokia N9: A Colorful Slice Of MeeGo Magic

Washington Times: Economy of sex: It’s cheap these days

Washington Examiner: Coulter calls Piers Morgan stupid

Bloomberg: Senator Cochran Racks Up Capital Gains Amid More Than 200 Trades of Stocks

USA Today: FDA issues graphic cigarette labels

NPR: Be Warned: FDA Unveils Graphic Cigarette Labels

The Hill: Texas delegation presses Perry to run

Politico: Rick Perry aides prepped for rumor rehash

Roll Call: Bachmann Playing With House Money

National Journal: PICTURES: The FDA’s New Cigarette Warning Labels

The New Republic: Benjamin Netanyahu: Why the U.S. Can’t Make Peace in the Middle East

The Daily Caller: National security experts blast attorney general’s claim that lawyers are America’s ‘most effective terror-fighting weapon’