Today’s Most Popular Stories 6.20.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for June 20, 2011:

Washington Post: With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America

Washington Times: Obama slammed at liberal conference

Washington Examiner: Coulter calls Piers Morgan stupid

Bloomberg: Wal-Mart Million-Worker Bias Suit Thrown Out by High Court

USA Today: Miss USA contest evolves: ‘Huge science geek’ wins

NPR: Paris Air Show: A Passenger Jet That Does New York To London In 90 Minutes

The Hill: With Weiner gone, Dems try to move on

Politico: President Obama no-show miffs Hispanics

Roll Call: Bachmann Playing With House Money

National Journal: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Key Hill Leadership Aides

The New Republic: The White Working Class: The Group That Will Likely Decide Obama’s Fate

The Daily Caller: Jon Stewart on MSM: Fox agenda-driven but ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times are not