Today’s Most Popular Stories 4.5.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for April 5, 2011:

Washington Post: On the budget, Obama has Republicans cornered

Washington Times: Congress makes first major dent in health care law

Washington Examiner: GOP keeps its powder dry as Obama runs unopposed

Bloomberg: Grimm Rejects Tea Party Activists Who Elected Him as He Favors Wall Street

USA Today: Title-game tidbits: Inside the numbers from UConn’s championship win

The Hill: Boehner’s office says no deal was reached in White House talks

Politico: Parody gets more views than real Obama launch

Roll Call: GOP: Give Us More Cuts, Details

National Journal: White House Says It Will Veto House Efforts to Scuttle Internet Fairness Rules

Talking Points Memo: Report: Wis. GOPer’s Car Damaged By Random Stone, Not Vandals

The New Republic: Is Obama Running On Character?

The Daily Caller: FoodPolitik: The New Foodie on the Block