Today’s Most Popular Stories 4.25.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for April 25, 2011:

Washington Post: Prince Harry, the spare to the heir

Washington Times: Brutal Mexican drug gang crosses into U.S.

Washington Examiner: Scouts not sold on Dalton; Redskins draft nuggets

Bloomberg: FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes as Tobacco Products

USA Today: Charlie Sheen: Goddess broke up via text message

The Hill: Dems seek leverage by forcing GOP split on Ryan’s budget plan

Politico: Mission for anti-Palin movement: Expose her

Roll Call: Parties Await Nevada Special Election Logistics

National Journal: How Drug Cartels Try to Corrupt Federal Employees

Talking Points Memo: Walker: Too Many Recalls ‘Makes It Very Hard’ To Get Things Done

The New Republic: The Real Obama Scandal

The Daily Caller: Why haven’t White House reporters asked about the birth certificate? Actually, they have