Today’s Most Popular Stories 4.14.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for April 14, 2011:

Washington Post: Why Glenn Beck lost it

Washington Times: China blocks coastal waters, enlarges military

Washington Examiner: Obama’s budget speech shows his unyielding ideology

Bloomberg: Obama’s Money Pump for 2012 Bid Primed by Chicago

USA Today: Bryant to appeal $100K fine for slur, but takes responsibility

The Hill: Pelosi might vote no on deal; two other House Dem leaders will

Politico: Nancy Pelosi fades as power player

Roll Call: The Uneven Senate Landscape of 2012 (and 2014)

National Journal: CBO Says Budget Deal Will Cut Spending by Only $352 Million This Year

Talking Points Memo: Boehner Picks Up Pieces After Report Finds Spending Compromise Means Puny Cuts

The New Republic: Five Quick Thoughts on Obama’s Speech

The Daily Caller: Republicans to hear out Obama’s deficit reduction plan, but refuse to consider tax increases