Today’s Most Popular Stories 3.3.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for March 3, 2011:

Washington Post: Alito stands alone on Supreme Court’s First Amendment cases

Washington Times: Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash

Washington Examiner: Oklahoma immigrant bill touted as tax-saver

USA Today: Charlie Sheen breaks Twitter record

The Hill: Sessions ‘flabbergasted’ by increase in Obama transportation budget

Politico: Videos a weapon in Wisconsin fight

Roll Call: GOP Leaders Poised to Buck Biden’s Budget Meeting

National Journal: With Libya, Obama Expands His Own Doctrine

Talking Points Memo: AWOL Wisconsin Dem Beats The System, Gets His Paycheck Mailed To Him

Politics Daily: U.S. Military Readies Libya Options — With Caution

The New Republic: I’ve Sheen Enough

The Daily Caller: Congressional bosses from Hell: Sheila Jackson Lee