Today’s Most Popular Stories 3.14.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for March 14, 2011:

Washington Post: Japan races to contain meltdowns after two blasts; third reactor loses cooling capacity

Washington Times: Md. police probing death inside clothing shop

Washington Examiner: Hugh Hewitt: Obama’s oil production protest fails fact-checking test

USA Today: Some of Japan’s nuclear fuel rods appear to be melting

The Hill: GREGG: Sadly, the primary process might help Sarah Palin

Politico: ‘She’s becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska edition’

Roll Call: Democrats Look to Twitter to Reverse Fortunes for 2012

National Journal: Japan’s Nuclear Fallout Unlikely to Reach the U.S., NRC Official Says

Talking Points Memo: Ira Glass: I Don’t Understand Why NPR Is Not Fighting Back

Politics Daily: Stung: NPR Execs Caught in Candid Chat With Would-be Muslim Donors

The New Republic: Michele Bachmann, Revolutionary War Scholar

The Daily Caller: David Brooks’ case for government funding for public broadcasting: ‘To assimilate people’