Today’s Most Popular Stories 2.17.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for February 17, 2011:

Washington Post: Five myths about Ronald Reagan

Washington Times: Federal deficit on track for a record this fiscal year

Washington Examiner: The first rule of the Obama administration’s meeting with lobbyists: You don’t talk about the Obama administration’s meetings with lobbyists

USA Today: Lara Logan gets call from Obama as story details emerge

The Hill: Hillary Clinton donors indicted

Politico: Chris Rock Disses the Tea Party

Roll Call: Poll: Majority of Republicans Doubt Obama’s Birthplace

National Journal: The It-Takes-a-Village Hillary and the hawkish pragmatist will both be needed in the weeks ahead

Talking Points Memo: Report: Wis. Dem State Senators Leave State To Block Budget Quorum

Politics Daily: Lara Logan Assault: For Female Reporters, the Added Peril of Turbulent Places

The New Republic: Answering Obama’s Budget Critics

The Daily Caller: Earth to birthers: the facts about Obama’s birth certificate