Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.18.10

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for November 18, 2010:

Washington Post: White House undeterred after Ghailani terror case verdict

Washington Times: HILLYER: Scooter Libby, on the record

Washington Examiner: Low-tax states will gain seats, high-tax states will lose them

USA Today: Donald Trump considers taking on Palin in presidential bid

The Hill: GOP lawmaker: Full-body scanners violate Fourth Amendment

Politico: Democrats to Barack Obama: Hang tough on Bush tax cuts

Roll Call: FEC Likely to Allow Obama Bailout for Biden

National Journal: Ethics Prosecutor Recommends Censure for Rangel

Talking Points Memo: Cantor Dismisses Budget Fixing Proposal Because It Sounds Too European

Politics Daily: Sarah Palin’s Unfavorability Numbers Hit New High, Survey Finds

The New Republic: Fighting the Fed

The Daily Caller: Palin a hero to many in Tea Party, but not their pick for president