Today’s Most Popular Stories 10.6.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for October 6, 2011:

Washington Post: Obama challenges Republicans to explain opposition to jobs bill

Washington Times: The List: A tribute to actor Mark Hamill

Washington Examiner: Senate appropriators’ secret war against oversight

USA Today: ‘I had to come’: Steve Jobs’ fans mourn at Apple stores

NPR: ‘MetaMaus’: The Story Behind Spiegelman’s Classic

The Hill: GOP threatens to strip favored status from New Hampshire

Politico: Michelle Obama tells Secret Service: ‘Just tell me when — where to run’

Roll Call: New Utah Map Could Force Matheson Out

National Journal: Obama to Hold 11 a.m. Press Conference

The New Republic: Working in the Dark

The Daily Caller: ‘Fast and Furious’ docs reveal Holder was given multiple detailed accounts of gun program