Today’s Most Popular Stories 1.21.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for January 21, 2011:

Washington Post: Carolyn Hax Live: Hot potato baby and irresponsible parents?; Vegan dinner etiquette; Phone records = cheating spouse?; Single, adoptive moms; ‘Nice’ co-workers, and more

Washington Times: Outspoken Tucson sheriff faces recall bid

Washington Examiner: Philadelphia Horror: Mass murder getting a pass

USA Today: South Korea kills 8 pirates, rescues hijacked crew

The Hill: Republicans set marker on spending at $2.5 trillion in cuts

Politico: Conservatives urge Mike Pence to fill GOP ‘void’

Roll Call: Alan Grayson Blames Palin, Collects Cash

National Journal: Previewing Address, Obama Promises Bright Future, Praises Immelt

Talking Points Memo: Frank Gaffney And CPAC’s Alleged Muslim ‘Infiltrator’ Face Off (VIDEO)

The New Republic: The GOP’s Serious Budget Headache

The Daily Caller: House GOP conservatives set to unveil $2.5 trillion in deep spending cuts