Toby Young Alienates Media Figure, xxvii.

For some mysterious reason, TV critic Heather Havrilesky lets the Salon faithful know that she doesn’t much like Toby Young’s new book. They have a lot in common (he’s written for them, too) but she complains that he’s not funny, he does terrible things, he’s not charismatic, he rambles, etc.
But she loses her point right when she’s driving it home:

But Young doesn’t have the wisdom or the skill as a writer to draw us in, get us on his side, and make us love him despite — or because of — his flaws.

Exactly. He’s alienating even us, the readers. He’s not a loveable schlump. What more can she want?
Isn’t he following her rules?

1.Get angry.
2.Think you’re better than most people.
3.Try to explain this to others.
4.Feel alienated by their reactions.
5.Get angrier.

And speaking of rambling, she blogs. It must be an acquired taste.

Heather’s not above a little cynical humor herself:

Q. What’s your preferred mode of transportation?

A.I enjoy driving my luxury SUV very fast while screaming obscenities out the window at people on bicycles.

Oh that wacky Heather. She’s her own sitcom.