Tobias Wong and Friends Take Branding Literally


Want to forever mark yourself as a die-hard design fan? Then jettison your fear of needles, take a swig from that tropical drink, and step right up to “As Long as it Lasts…,” a pop-up tattoo parlor open from Thursday through Sunday at Art Basel Design Miami. Organized by Tobias Wong (the real one this time), Josee Lepage, and Aric Chen, the project will offer visitors and passersby the opportunity to get inked (by a licensed professional) with their choice of specially-commissioned designs by Vito Acconci/Acconci Studio, Yves Behar, Tord Boontje and Andrew Allenson, Hella Jongerius, KAWS, Juergen Meyer H., Lawrence Weiner, and 5.5 Designers. Frightened by the prospect of wearing one of these designs until death do you part? Don’t worry. One will be offered as a temporary tattoo.

The creators call the project “part performance, part cultural barometer, part guest amenity” in its merging of design, art, and the body. “We’re very excited about it,” Wong told us, passing along the above photo of the designs. “We’ve been getting amazing responses.” Meanwhile, we’re just trying to figure out how disappointed our mother would be if she caught sight of a pea green KAWS Michelin Man-like figure sprinting across our lower torso.