Tobaccowala OMMA: ‘Users’ Are ‘Crap’

omma_tobaccowala.jpgRishad Tobaccowala couldn’t resist. The CEO of Denuo, which we guess is an ad agency but does something called “idea rendering,” changed the title of his keynote address at OMMA to “How to Throw Out Your Plans (inserted) Address Crap, And Enjoy the Ride.” We already know Tobaccowala’s a genius. He must be, since he said a lot of stuff that made us feel good and seemed to make sense at the time, but we aren’t sure how to act on:

  • “Percolation won’t cut it in an espresso era.”
  • “You have to iterate, you have to learn.” Meaning, don’t be all planned and strategized. He took a shot at Disney, saying their recent triumphs in new media only came about after they got rid of their strategy group.
  • “Iterate to success through jazziness.” We swear, he really said this.
  • To your audience, don’t be “like a porcupine … do be warm, cuddly, friendly.”
  • Anybody you’re dealing with is as smart if not smarter than you.
  • Don’t use “this crap” jargon: “target audience,” “360 surround,” “users.” Instead talk about people, actual human beings.
  • Talk about return on objectives rather than on investment. Metrics can include interaction, consideration (not necessarily “clicks”), intent.
  • Consider the “net promoter score” — the number of brand advocates you have minus the number of people who hate your brand.

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