To Vote or to Play Halo 4? That is the Question.

Picture this: It’s the morning of Election Day, and young people all over America wait in a long line, falling all over themselves in anticipation. These citizens are eager to commit their time to securing the future of the American people–and perhaps that of the entire human race. Valiantly they prepare to reach the head of the line, take a deep breath, and exercise their rights as free persons to purchase Halo 4 and fight a race of aliens bent on destroying the universe.

Yep. Totally what our forefathers had in mind.

In the last few days you’ve heard a lot about campaign ads swaying (or failing to sway) potential voters, and you’ve probably even seen reports of Hurricane Sandy affecting campaign plans and (possibly) the election itself. But a current poll on video game site IGN got us thinking about a factor we hadn’t previously considered — will the release of Halo 4 on Election Day actually keep loyal gamers from casting their ballots?

The post on IGN reads:

“It’s easy to joke that Halo 4 will disrupt the vote, but because it’s one of the most popular entertainment properties of all time, it’s worth considering it as a serious point of concern. So we want to know: Who are you, are you voting, and is Halo 4 more important to you than the election?”

Good question!

The gamer demographic (mostly males aged 18-35 years) doesn’t just represent a major cash cow for the video game industry and advertisers in general; it also makes up a major chunk of the voting public, so once IGN asked the question, we started to wonder about the answer. While the poll remains active and IGN has yet to release results, many of the comments on the page (mercifully) amount to “We’re doing both”: Selecting our next commander in chief and saving the universe from an evil alien plot. America!

So what do you think, readers? Any gamers out there want to weigh in on the subject? If you’re curious, you can still answer IGN’s poll questions here.