To Self-Publish Or Not To Self-Publish

To self-publish or not to self-publish, that is a common question being raised among authors these days, as eBook publishing is making it easier for them to make it on their own.

The benefits of self-publishing is often a higher royalty rate (70% from Amazon) and the ability to directly market to an existing audience of fans. The benefits for going with a traditional publisher are their powerful marketing arm, especially for an unknown author, as well an advance.

Yesterday, Avon introduced a new digital imprint called Avon Impulse, which when you go to their site triggers a submission form for potential romance authors. But this may or may not be the best place to publish your book.

PCMag pointed out that eBook author Amanda Hocking did just fine on her own using the Kindle store. She has, “sold over 900,000 copies of her books since last April, many through Amazon’s Kindle Store. Whereas Amazon’s Kindle Store allows authors to keep 70 percent of their profits, Avon Impulse is offering authors 25 percent of profits on the first 10,000 copies of each e-book solid, and 50 percent after that.”

Which do you think is better?