To Get Younger Consumers to Go Bananas, a Design Contest

Since 1963, the Chiquita banana has been branded with the same sticker, FOX61 tells us. That’ll change in November, when bananas nationwide will wear 18 new designs developed by consumers. The switch is part of what FOX61 quotes Andrew Ciafardini, an assistant Chiquita spokesman, as telling the New York Times was an effort to reach the under-25 crowd.

The Times reported 1,355 entries in the contest, which allowed participants to make designs using the “EatAChiquita drag ‘n’ drop Sticker Studio.” It also highlights comments from Brandchannel calling the change “an attempt to modernize its product and compete for younger customers” and a Chiquita president Tanios Viviani’s statement to TIME magazine that the contest “let consumers and and fans become part of the Chiquita story by helping design and vote for the stickers.”

Interestingly, Brandchannel asks if there’s a chance that changing the “classic Chiquita logo” could be a mistake from a brand recognition standpoint. The article suggests keeping the ‘Chiquita’ name present “to assure that brand recognition levels do not slip, even if sales have been.”