To Do: Support Johnston

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    The BBC’s Gaza Correspondent, Alan Johnston, was abducted at gunpoint in Gaza City on March 12. Today a video message appeared on the internet, in which Alan says he is in good health and being treated well by his captors.

    To mark the thirteenth week of his captivity, the BBC is organising an event at Washington DC’s National Press Club on Monday, June 4,
    2.45pm-3.30pm. It will be broadcast live by satellite on BBC World with access available to all other networks. There will be a moment’s silence for Alan along with comments from four speakers:

    The BBC’s Washington bureau chief, Andrew Steele, previously the BBC’s Middle East bureau chief, knows Alan very well and appointed him to the Gaza correspondent position.

    Fox News correspondent Steve Centanni was held hostage in Gaza in
    August 2006 and speaks from personal experience about what it’s like to be captured there.

    Ziad Asali, the President of the American Task Force on Palestine,
    explains the deep concern and outrage over the abduction expressed by
    journalists within the Palestinian territories.

    Frank Smyth
    , held captive in Abu Ghraib during the Saddam Hussein era, is now the Journalists Security Coordinator of the Committee to Protect Journalists. Not only can he give personal testimony, but he also understands the enormous challenges facing journalists throughout the world.

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