To Create Media Jobs, Outsource More?

Interesting story from Folio: today about a new magazine launched earlier this year by a husband and wife team starting a magazine on a shoestring.

John and Terry Minnis launched Grosse Pointe magazine, which is distributed to 20,000 homes in the affluent Detroit suburb of, you guessed it, Grosse Pointe, earlier this year. The Minnises have hired four ad sales reps who work on commission and pay freelancers for their articles and photos.

Ad design, though, is outsourced to India.

Says Folio:

The magazine runs about 30 ad pages an issue, 12 of which are funneled through 2adpro’s design service.

Minnis created an account, accesses it through a Web interface and uploads supplied creative or picks from a variety of canned designs‚ he can also select from a variety of creative elements.

Thanks to India’s time differential, completed ads are waiting in Minnis’ in-box the next morning.

It saves a bundle of money, and while copublisher Terry Minnis says that being able to pay contributors was not the primary reason the magazine outsources ad design, it’s a nice bonus.

Caveat: The magazine is a 20,000 circulation regional in Detroit. These folks are not getting $1/word, we promise you. But they’re also not writing for “exposure” either.