To Be A Times Blogger


Blogging for a major print news organization means walking a fine line. It also means the chance to be a pioneer and to use the format for all it’s worth. New City Room blogger (and author of a book we can’t wait to read) Jennifer 8. Lee commented about a City Room post she made over on Facebook:

In my newfound msm blogging career, I have noticed there is an art to being witty in links. And making random connections. This post on a bathroom lawsuit was an interesting example (see lede). And the surprising thing is, when this went into deadtree edition, they let me keep the lede (without the Larry Craig link).

There’s a lesson to be learned there, bloggers. Be witty and unafraid of Larry Craig references. Also of note: Check the Times N.Y. / Region page online or the paper (or “deadtree”) edition’s Metro section. Notice the increased use of City Room content? Keller, Sulzberger and company have stumbled on a genius way to vastly increase the Times‘ local news coverage by beating local news blogs at their own game. Kudos to the Times on a smart move.