TMZ Still Figuring Out 64-Mile Beltway Zone Plans

Patrick Gavin at Politico noticed that TMZ has recently been sprinkling its website celebrity scroll with a few more Beltway bits. So he decided to check in with site maestro Harvey Levin to find out whatever happened to those grandiose plans for TMZ DC, to go along with the other vertical that has launched, TMZ Sports.

Levin confirms that he is still interested in bringing the gotcha show to DC, but that he is a ways off from opening an actual Beltway office. He points to the site’s recent coverage of Republican Congressman Aaron Schock (pictured) as the way it needs to go:

“That’s a blueprint for what we can do. We took this guy that was a freshman Congressman and I think, if you talk to him, I think he’ll tell you that we did help launch him as something of a star… I think it shows that we have a place and we can do something. It’s not going to be a policy site, but we can do a personality site.”

Sounding a note of caution in the Politico piece is Amy Argetsinger, a longtime contributor to the Washington Post‘s “Reliable Source” column. She suggests the DC gossip mill has become even more congested in the past few years and that it will take a lot of money for TMZ to make true inroads.

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