TMZ Producer Works Both Sides of Tabloid Trench

The original item appeared on Jan. 27, 2010. Under the headline “Brawl in LA Court”, the gossip website outlined how one of their former employees – Vania Stuelp (pictured) – was involved in a scuffle with a bailiff in her new role as public information officer for the LA County court system.

Stuelp has since returned to the TMZ fold. The irony is that at the time, the senior producer was trying to confiscate a videotape from a French TV crew after they had filmed, against her orders, reality TV star Alexis Neiers (Pretty Wild). That’s when bailiff Ronald Cabrera intervened and, allegedly, roughed her up.

Per Stuelp’s current complaint, she is seeking punitive damages for assault and battery, negligence and the emotional distress of being humiliated and handcuffed in front of a crowd of onlookers. She is represented in this case not by Harvey Levin but rather Shawn Chapman Holley of Santa Monica firm Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert.

Perhaps Cabrera will counter that he confused Stuelp for a TMZ producer, or will point to the frivolous tone of the last paragraph of the January 27th, 2010 item as proof it was no big deal. In the meantime, Stuelp is busy this morning tweeting about the court appearance of Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan  just happens to be represented by… Stuelp’s attorney Holley, mentioned in one of this morning’s tweets. Holley has a long list of celeb clients, and was in fact a key member of the O.J. Simpson defense team. Isn’t that some sort of conflict of Twitter interest? Harvey?