Daily News Reporter Goes Elmo Undercover

AdamEdelmanTwitterProfilePicBetter red than dead? Not in this case. For his recent Times Square efforts, New York Daily News political reporter Adam Edelman (pictured) earned a measly total of just one dollar in tips.

As Elmo, Edelman tried several different sidewalk locations. He encountered some well-organized Smurfs before being unwittingly exposed:

Suddenly a woman noticed the tiny camera propped up in my Elmo mouth (we were after all, documenting this experience) and began to warn nearby mascots about my presence. Without warning, a Batman and a Spider-Man were in my face.

The inner child in me would have been thrilled, if it hadn’t been for their provocative physical contact. I, and certainly not Elmo, didn’t stand a chance against these buff superheroes. I apologized for any trouble and got going.

Batman and Superman vs. Elmo… Until the Ben Affleck movie comes out, this will have to do.

[Photo via: a href=”http://www.twitter.com/AbeDelman” target=”_”>@AbeDelman]

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