Interview: Tmeet Makes Twitter Mapping Matter

Twitter seems like the perfect tool to combine with mapping and GPS locations, and the killer combo is something many developers have created applications around. So what makes tmeet, the latest to combine Twitter with mapping, different from the rest?
Tmeet’s approach to tweeting about your location. With a mobile and a web component, tmeet is hoping to bring more context to your real time location and activity, making the question “What are you doing?” more relevant to both individuals and businesses. Tmeet is hoping to really build on the business potential of its application, adding real value to industries such as real estate and other retailers. Below is an excerpt of an interview I had with tmeet co-founder Sudha Jamthe.

Kristen Nicole: Does tmeet work on mobile phones? If so, have you limited your app to the iPhone and will you follow through on user requests to create an app for Android?
Sudha Jamthe: Yes, please try the iPhone app available in app store called tmeet (not You can click and send the current location with a tweet message. You can enter “d username” to send a private message, i.e.

“d kristennicole2 running late”

Also the GPS location is not most accurate so we show the degree of error on the lower left side.

So if you use tmeet to mark where you parked your car which many users do, you should note if the error is 14m or 300m from the actual tweeted location.
The most common use case on the iPhone particularly is for users to send a tmeet of an address using and looking at the tweet on iPhone clicking and start routing to that address. Otherwise there is no cut and paste on the iPhone and its a pain to enter the address again.
We have requests to add tmeet for Android and also for the new Blackberry App World. We are looking into it.

Kristen Nicole: Do you see tmeet as being a useful feature add-on through other applications, such as travel planners or itinerary builders?

Sudha Jamthe: We currently have made the consumer app available and real estate agents and general users are using it to share locations as a tweet. We do an api to allow any app to add location tweets. We have some iPhone apps trying it out in private beta.
Kristen Nicole: When will you add additional language support to aid in your global growth?
Sudha Jamthe: We have add requests to add Spanish support and are looking into it. We are fanatically focused on users to guide our product map.
Kristen Nicole: What are your plans for adding Facebook Connect to tmeet?
Sudha Jamthe: That’s a tricky one. I am a huge Facebook fan. I wanted to do Facebook first in Dec and Facebook didn’t have the Connect Library for iPhone. We figured out we can add Connect support and tried some hacks, but decided to wait for the official Connect for iPhone. Now its available, we want to add it.
But we just don’t want to add a simple status update. We have users already adding tmeets which show up on twitter and are linked to their Facebook status. We have had lot of requests on our API side to use tmeet for corporate apps. So that seems a big area and we want to bring the power of connect to Facebook in a meaningful and unique way, again to match our user’s needs.