TLC Show Features “Local” Coupon Crank

There’s a reason I don’t leave the confines of D.C. proper…and TLC’s show Extreme Couponing pretty much sums it up.  Premiering April 6th, the network’s new series will expose the savings subculture of suburban soccer moms.  Armed with Costco cards, coupon boxes, screaming children and minivans, the stars of Extreme Couponing will share the shopping methods they employ to fill their McMansions with shocking stockpiles of bulk bargains.  Up first: local(ish) discount diva J’aime Kirlew of Montgomery Village, MD.

You can catch Kirlew’s crazy in the series premier which will air on Wednesday, April 6 with episodes at 9 & 9:30 PM ET/PT.  Eat your hearts out, Blonde Charity Mafia.