TiVo Enters PC DVR Market

TiVo.jpgDave Zatz, editor of Zatz Not Funny!, reports that TiVo is partnering with Nero to launch a PC version of its fabled TiVo interface, in order to capitalize on the growing PC TV tuner market.

“If TiVo was doing this on their own, I’d say it was a bone-headed move for a niche market owned by Microsoft’s Media Center these days,” Zatz wrote. “However, TiVo’s expense and risk are probably low by partnering with Nero… this is a clever way of pushing the TiVo interface and experience towards an international audience.”

TiVoToGo already lets users watch their recordings on cell phones and other handheld devices, and users with TiVo Mobile can also control their boxes from their cell phones. Sling Media has a similar arrangement, which this author reviewed for PC Magazine.

But by adding a TiVo app on the PC, that should make the mobile transition that much easier for cell phone users who are already synchronizing TiVo files with their PCs.

TiVo & Nero Collaborate on PC DVR Software [Zatz Not Funny]