TiVo ends Mexican stand-off with DirecTV, lives to tape another day


We just saw news that TiVo has managed to wangle an extension of its arrangement with DirecTV.

The stock shot up a bunch, nearly eight percent by the close of the market, and we’re not surprised: effectively sparing itself a horrible death from an “Attack of the Cloned” – i.e. knock-off DVRs.

It’s still in a bad way, though. TiVo, while clealy a god-machine to the media elite, is facing the same headaches IBM faced when Dell and HP began offering cheaper clones that did much the same thing as their PC. (Anyone old enough to remember a time when the term “PC” meant an IBM computer and none other? God, are we old.)

The AP’s story quotes a guy who says it best:

“The extension won’t save the company, but the absence of it would have been really bad,” said Josh Bernoff, analyst at market researcher Forrester Research.