Titanic 3D Contest Winner: Revealed

Yesterday we asked readers to come up with a paragraph on how the Titanic theme song, Celine Dion‘s “My Heart Will Go On” impacted their lives. Many of you sent excellent submissions. But now we must choose a winner to attend tonight’s screening at National Geographic HQ. And it is…Parisa Manteghi, a third-year George Washington University law student who lives in Washington. We will run other poignant submissions in a separate post.

This is her winning (albeit long) graph:

“You know how Nordstrom has a piano player? It was a pleasant evening in 1998 and 5 of my girlfriends and I were shopping around Nordstrom as we often did.  As the piano player played the usual classical tunes, we obviously asked if he could play “My Heart Will Go On.”  Imagine our SHOCK when he responded that he ‘didn’t know that one.’  Mind you, we were six 12-year-old girls each of whom had watched Titanic on average 3 times in the theater, had Leo posters draping our bedroom walls, and owned the soundtrack (though I owned both soundtracks: ‘Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture’ and the second less famed soundtrack ‘Back to Titanic’).  We thought maybe he was joking?  As he took in our reaction, you could judge by his face that it was as if he felt he had been living in a cave devoid of human contact for the last 4 months.  We proceeded to the BP section to continue our shopping. Two weeks later, we were all back at Nordstrom hanging out and the same piano player was working.  He spotted us, called us over, and calmly said to us with a smile, ‘I have something for you.’  He started to hit the keys.  It was the song that now defines so much of our adolescence.  As he played ‘My Heart Will Go On’ we all pretty much lost it and by the first verse we arm in arm belting the lyrics (and obviously none of us could carry a note).  I will forgo details on the reaction of the patrons.  When he finished, he told us that he had gone to see the film, bought the soundtrack, and had been working on the song the last 2 weeks.  We were taken aback by his gesture and how the magic of Titanic had overtaken him as well.  As a thank you, we bought him a nice polo shirt from the men’s department.  To Ms. Winslet I say: it may make you vomit but it lifts the human spirit. Deal with it.”

Congratulations to Parisa! Enjoy the movie.