Titan to Roll Out Public Transportation Digital Sign Nets

Titan Worldwide Monday (Oct. 6) announced the company’s plans to roll out digital sign networks across its bus, rail and subway portfolio, beginning with Chicago and London. The company said it would invest $90 million over the next 36 months, based on plans begun nearly two years ago.

In Chicago, three new digital advertising options will be available to advertisers later this year, including digital kings, 12-foot digital displays on the side of buses. GPS-equipped, advertisers can target audiences by time of day and geography, down to block and zip-code. Trials of the bus digital kings are already underway.

Titan’s plans also include 1,200 platform displays and interior rail displays. In addition to advertising, the displays will offer editorial content such as news, sports, weather and entertainment.

By early 2009, Titan will roll out an Urban panel network of street-level subway displays with HD screens on both sides of the display.

“Our digital initiative offers numerous additional benefits to transit agencies and the commuters they serve, including modernized and more visually appealing advertising and entertainment displays; at the same time providing timely information to ease commuting and improve public safety during crisis situations,” said Don Allman, president of Titan Worldwide.