CareerBuilder Shares Wackiest Office Holiday Gifts

presentsAs employers serve egg nog and take employees out for holiday luncheons and/or company parties, chances are a Secret Santa is brewing in the mix as well.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, employers are planning more parties than last year and offering more gifts and bonuses, too. Per data, 96 percent of workers in the survey prefer a bonus over a holiday party.

Regarding gifts, 21 percent of employees will give presents to colleagues and 20 percent will splurge for bosses. As for the average price? The majority of workers keep it at the $25 threshold or less.

Now we need to talk about what you can actually buy for $25 or less. Do microwaveable snacks count? In the most unusual gift category, someone mentioned he or she received a Hot Pocket. Seriously.

Another employee revealed receiving a chess piece. As in singular. Yet another colleague received a zombie set while someone else received a bag of chips and a Ziploc bag with one serving of coffee.