Tired of Networking? Try Sweat-Working, New Twist on ‘Working’ the Room

workout2If you like to work out and you’re oh-so-done with networking mixers, sweat-working may be for you.

Here’s how it works — instead of creating business connections at a restaurant or bar by ingesting calories, you’ll burn them off together instead.

Right now there are three types of workouts offered in New York City: yoga, indoor cycling and core classes. Founder Sarah Siciliano told CBS New York, “The lines between professional and personal are definitely blurring.”

The advertising executive added, “This is a way to expend some calories and also kill two birds with one stone. Clients and reps want to be friends with each other.”

IT executive Julie Gilbert Newrai told the reporter it’s like “truth serum” without having three martinis and spending $75 at a bar. “You really get the core essence of who that person is when you’re in that kind of intense environment.”

That said, sweat-working may not be for everyone. If you’re self-conscious when you work out and want to focus on the burn and not the connection, it may not be right for you.