Tired of Listening to Siri? Umano Uses Human Voice Actors to Read News

Umano might make you cheat on Siri. You’ll use Siri for other things, but the Umano app uses real human voice actors to relay the day’s top news stories. Just remember, cheating on Siri with a real voice isn’t the same as another robot.

The app is designed for commuters and news junkies. Driving and reading is definitely illegal, but getting motion sickness is a terrible sensation to start the day with. Umano’s staff curates a collection of about 20 tech-related articles that are divided into categories such as Scientific or Entertaining. Users on iOS devices can create playlists and even download the audio articles to enjoy offline.

Since the app is currently free, the issue of copyright infringement does not matter. If the company decides to use adverts, news outlets might consider the appropriation of their content a breach of copyright. This argument gets complicated on a fundamental level when considering other voice reading technologies. For example, Siri is a profitable product for Apple and essentially does the same task as voice actors. For the time being, there’s no conflict to resolve.

via Techcrunch