Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Visiting Twitter

We shared a post recently about Twitter’s tips for journalists – and last night, Twitter hosted an event where they reviewed this guidance in detail for journalists attending the ONA Conference in San Francisco this week.

We RSVP’d to attend and learned a few valuable lessons about going anywhere in San Francisco, which we’ll share with you now!

Check out our other post or Twitter’s latest blog post if you want more detail on Twitter’s best practices for journalists. This post isn’t about that. It’s a tip sheet of a different variety – a ‘common sense’ checklist, really.

You see, I never made it to Twitter last night (though I was on time for the Pinterest party and THAT was a fun time) because I made some silly ‘not used to commuting in to San Francisco’ mistakes. And now I’ll save you from the same fate. Maybe.

Without further ado, though I’m sure someone will comment with obvious solutions I missed and make me feel small, here’s what NOT to do when attempting to visit Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco:

  • Do not drive. Take BART, Muni or taxis. Twitter is located in a part of town called “the Tenderloin” and that isn’t because it has great steaks. If you drive, there is nowhere safe to park that is close by . . . not if you drive an SUV, which leads us to the next tip.
  • Do not drive an SUV into San Francisco. Ever. Any places that are open after 5 pm and have an attendant (which you definitely want if you like your car windows) are underground and your SUV with a roof rack and big tires is too tall. Heed these words or you will learn this the hard way as you are frantically waved away by the attendant. There are a few above ground places open till 8 pm . . . but you won’t make it back on time if there’s a game. Next tip!
  • Don’t even think about getting anywhere in a reasonable amount of time on a game day – so check those schedules. You may drive your oversized SUV into the city and make it back to the nice above-ground garage located too far away from your destination before its 8pm closing time but only if it’s on a non-game night. On a game night, the taxi services (that answer) will laugh when you request to be picked up at 7 to return to your car. And you will be in NO mood for their laughter after driving around trying to find a garage for an hour and you may say things that result in you being banned from using said taxi service ever again. Trust me.

So the night was a failure as far as Twitter was concerned, but I learned some valuable lessons, I suppose. And I had thought I would miss Z Gallerie’s Pinterest Party (or be hopelessly late), but instead I was uncomfortably early! Driving in to Union Square and finding metered parking in a spot where one can comfortably leave a car is a snap, FYI.

Were you at either event? And do you have any tips to add to this list?

(Golden Gate Bridge image from Shutterstock)