Tips For Speeding Up A Slow Android Phone

If you have an older Android phone that doesn’t have the latest version of Android nor the fastest processor, you might find it to be a little long in the tooth and slowing down. Lifehacker has written a great article with a bunch of tips for speeding up Android phones that just may be the ticket for rejuvenating your old phone.

The first tip is to install an alternate launcher. The launcher consists of the Android home screens and application menu, and Lifehacker says that alternates like LauncherPro can speed up a phone. Several of the additional tips are written assuming that LauncherPro is being used, but tips like limiting the number of widgets you use are applicable even to stock Android.

One of tips that I am very aware of is freeing up the phone’s internal storage. For some reason I have found that when the amount of free storage gets too low the phone slows down, which is why I fret so much about moving apps to the SD card. I agree with Lifehacker’s recommendation to use App 2 SD, which you can use to move apps to the storage card. It also automatically checks to see if an app can be moved when it is installed, preventing you from having to constantly check to find apps that you can move.

I think all of the tips that Lifehacker provides are very helpful, and therefore I think it is well worth the time to read and implement.