Tips For Sneaking in 15 Minutes of Zynga Texas Hold ‘Em Before Work

Getting 15 minutes of Zynga Texas Hold' Em before work an be tough, but these few tips may help you keep your job. Pull up and chair and take a seat. Sitting at a face paced table is not the only option you have at Zynga Hold 'Em to speed your game up.

We’ve all been there before. Work is in 15 minutes, but your Facebook page is up on your computer. You tell yourself that you’ll just take a look at Facebook statuses, but the Texas HoldemPoker logo catches the corner of your eye. So, instead of heading to work, you spend the next 15 minutes (or more) playing Texas HoldemPoker. However, if you’re going to be late to work, you might as well play as many hands as possible.

Once you reached the third level of ZTHE, fast paced tables will be available to you. At these tables, players are forced to play at a faster pace or they will be bumped from the table. When you are short on time, this feature is definitely your best bet to play more hands.

The final two tips aren’t as obvious as the first. While looking for a table, look to find a table that has a lower maximum of players. By sitting at a table with more players, you will find yourself waiting for more people to act in front of you. Also, it is more likely that people will get involved in a hand. If you’re the type of person who likes to carefully select hands, finding a table with less people will increase your chances of playing more hands.

The last tip works to your advantage when other players are doing it as well. At the bottom of your screen you have a bunch of check boxes that are available to you while you’re in a hand. Make sure you take advantage of them. Making your decision earlier speeds up the table.