Tips for Dealing With ‘Cynical’ Journalists by Region

British firm explains everything via maps and charts


You may have noticed that American journalists are slightly cynical. We can’t help it: we are, on average, even more overworked and underpaid than most people in accounts and media relations.

CC Group PR of London just released a research project designed to explain why we Yanks tend to be so “bah humbug” about everything — and it makes for a simultaneously amusing/informative read. CC worked with firms across our 50 states to develop a portrait of media personalities in each respective region and list best practices for making nice with them.

  • In the study’s least shocking revelation, Engage of Oakland notes that West Coast tech reporters “are extremely pressed for time” and that they “may be more willing to travel if the trip is subsidized.”
  • Reporters based in the South Atlantic region, on the other hand, are less dismissive and “more laidback,” according to B2B tech firm Interprose. Not-so-secret revelation: it’s the humidity.
  • Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks tells CC that writers in the Midwest (Chicago) tend to be friendlier, and we believe her because she’s so nice herself, goshdarnit!
  • Jennifer Connelly PR of Manhattan accurately writes that Mid-Atlantic reporters have “very, very little interest” in traveling or going out of their way to meet executives because — and excuse us for being blunt here — they get their fill of buzzword jargon and “visions for the future of company” in the press release, and they know that “let’s meet over coffee” usually means “let me tell you how awesome I am for 30 minutes.”

Here’s a totally subjective list ranking Americans’ and their cynicism by region:

Cynicism standard

…and here’s a map filled with gross generalizations about the media folk inhabiting each area:

influencer thing

The whole project is impressive, but we will raise one objection: the research claims that New England reporters are the nation’s most cynical.

Have they ever read Ad Freak? Tim Nudd lives in Maine, and he’s one of the least crabby people we know.

New York City is also 110 percent more cynical than Boston. Don’t even think about challenging our cronuts on that one.