Tips for Building an Audience on YouTube

Here's how you can use social media, analytics and other tools you already have to boost your YouTube channel.


Need to boost your YouTube audience numbers? In the latest Mediabistro feature, experts and content creators share their tips on how to foster a successful YouTube channel by leveraging the tools you have, including social media, analytics and your own authentic content.

“Successful channels not only reach underserved audiences, they break down traditional barriers between the creator and the viewer,” said Valerie Streit, senior strategist for YouTube audience development at Google.

Streit offers up other useful advice on beefing up your audience, the best ways to promote your channel, and how you can make your content stand out from the rest. Here’s an excerpt:

Find your audience.
Streit points out video production is a balance between art and science, but bad video is still bad video. “There’s no Band-Aid for a bad video!” she says. Experimentation is necessary. Use analytics on the dashboard to help you figure out what audiences like. And look for signs of early success and repeat what’s working.
“If you notice steady drop-offs in the first 30 seconds of your video, that may be an indication that your titles and thumbnails [the images that display when someone searches for specific content or videos] aren’t accurately representing your [channel] or you should drop the long-opening branding,” says Streit.

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