Tip du Jour: Trouble in Merger-dise?

Trouble in Merger-dise? Occasionally we get anonymous tips that are too funny to keep to ourselves. Today is one of those days:

“Dear CQ,

Thank you for f#cking me out of my gold-plated health insurance for your crappy Cigna.

Love, Roll Call”

Sounds like Congress isn’t the only Washington institution plagued by health care woes.

UPDATE: CQ sounds off…anonymously.

“You might tell the Roll Caller that CQ didn’t have Cigna either for health, only for dental.”

“For the record, CQ didn’t have Cigna to begin with. So that post makes no sense.”

UPDATED UPDATE: CQ really sounds off…

“Dornic, go f#ck a porcupine. CQ never had Cigna either. You’re such a f#cking moron. And ugly.”

For the record, I may be a moron but I’m certainly not ugly. Hilarious.