TinyCo to set up not-so-tiny 60 person studio in Vancouver B.C.

TinyCo has announced it will open new, standalone studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. TinyCo is the latest in a growing series of San Francisco-based game companies to set up north of the border, following in the footsteps of Gameview Studios and GREE.

According to TinyCo CEO and co-founder Suli Ali, the company chose Vancouver for a variety of reasons. “It’s in the same time zone that we operate in, there are short direct flights to get there,” he explains. “It’s [also] a desirable place for people from San Francisco to live, but most importantly, we’ve got a real depth of talent that we really want to go into and recruit against.”

Ali tells us that although TinyCo is still in the process of finalizing its new office space, the company already has its first three Vancouver employees on board. Over the next six months, the company plans to increase headcount at TinyCo Vancouver to 60 people, including programmers, artists, engineers, data analysts, QA staff and product managers. The team will be building games for both iOS and Android using TinyCo’s cross-platform Griffin engine.

TinyCo is not revealing how much money it’s spending to set up the new studio, but the company is backed by $18 million in Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz.