Tiny Press-Enterprise Has an Exclusive on a National Story!

Based in the Inland Empire, Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated president Diane Fedele sent out her October newsletter with a surprise: A picture of Presidential candidate Barack Obama as a black caricature that would make Aunt Jamima blush. A picture so cliche and racist it would make Martin Lawrence look original. Horrible. Embarrassing. Southern California? Yikes.

So, SoCal’s are seen as dumb asses around the world. They think we’re all Hollywood douche bags that care more about elective surgery than elections. Some of that maybe deserved but Diane Fedele’s phone interview with PE reporter Michelle DeArmond does us no favors:

“I didn’t see it the way that it’s being taken. I never connected,” she said. “It was just food to me. It didn’t mean anything else.”

She said she also wasn’t trying to make a statement linking Obama and food stamps, although her introductory text to the illustration connects the two: “Obama talks about all those presidents that got their names on bills. If elected, what bill would he be on????? Food Stamps, what else!”

Tap. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? Dumb ass.

Washington Independent put it best with their headline “Et Tu, California?” noting the Sac Bee debacle yesterday.