Tinder Gets Into Music by Offering Zedd’s New Album for $3.99

The dating app's latest marketing move

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

As Tinder continues to ramp up its marketing appeal for brands, it has inked a new partnership with Interscope Records' electronic music artist Zedd to promote his new album.

Tinder users who spot Zedd's fake profile and "swipe right"—which indicates interest in someone—receive a link to download his new True Colors album for $3.99 (compared to $7.99 on iTunes or Google Play). The profile is also tied to a contest to win an autographed CD.

It may be the initial foray for Tinder in terms of selling music, but it's not the first time the red-hot dating app has linked up with music. Earlier this year, pop singer Jason Derulo created a profile to drive views of his YouTube music video.

A Tinder rep confirmed to Adweek that the Zedd promo is not an actual ad—it's a partnership that the dating app has been testing with a number of marketers, such as Twentieth Century Fox, E!, and New York's Urban Mudder event on July 25.

Bud Light was the first and only brand to run Tinder ads last month as part of its "Whatever, USA" campaign.

Advertising is new but fertile territory for Tinder; brands stand to reach tens of millions of active users on the app.

@laurenjohnson lauren.johnson@adweek.com Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.