TinCan App Can Send Messages Without Internet or Cellular Connections

TinCan is a messenger app that can help you send messages in the event that you have no internet or cellular coverage. It’s a great tool for emergencies and disasters, when cellular networks are overloaded. According to the makers of TinCan, the app is also perfect for protests, concerts, or sporting events.

TinCan works by hopping from device to device using WiFi. However since the messages must travel from phone to phone, it might takes a while to reach your destination if your recipient is across the globe. TinCan was funded via Kickstarter and is only available as a free Android app. It currently has the following known issues.

Known issues (11/9/13):
*For some reason if you have a torrent app installed on your phone, it will attempt to open it when you enter a username.
*Verizon phones attempt to get you to subscribe to their tethering plan. 🙁
*Blank screen on LG Optimus phones and HTC One. 🙁
*On some phones, you may need to turn on wifi before booting TinCan. TinCan should work on Android versions 4.0 and higher.