Tina Says Arianna Can Buy Her Lunch

The Daily Beast/Newsweek‘s editor-in-chief Tina Brown appeared in a very quick segment of “The View” this morning. The ladies were talking super fast, but here’s what happened.

Brown first spoke about changes to Newsweek with the release of her inaugural issue. She has “re-charged it, re-designed it,” and made the news magazine much more “image-driven.”

She said that everything printed in Newsweek will also be published on The Daily Beast, and the two publications will have “very much the same voice” and the “same kind of attitude.” When Joy Behar heard this, she actually came out with a good question. If everything is the same, she wondered, why should she buy the magazine?

Brown didn’t have a great answer. Online, you get the “news bullets” (?) and “the heat of it” (?), but “you’re not going to get the whole package of the magazine,” she said.

Whoopi Goldberg wanted to know what was wrong with Newsweek before Brown swooped in to save it. Brown said it “needed more reporting” and had very much become an opinion magazine.” Most important was “to get…journalism back to where it should be.” And “visually, it had lost, in a sense, its connection to pictures.”

She remarked on AOL’s $315 million purchase of HuffPost: “I think Arianna Huffington can definitely pay for lunch next time we meet.” She said she admired Huffinton, and thinks the purchase was “fantastic.” She’s also “so pleased online enterprises are being valued” at such high prices.

Then Elisabeth Hasselbeck thanked Brown “for getting Newsweek back on track” (?) and it was all over.