Tina Brown’s Newsweek Strategy Appears To Be Working

We’re not exactly sure what to call the strategy employed by Newsweek when the magazine went with two really odd covers over the last month. As you probably remember, first there was Zombie Princess Diana and then there was the Michele Bachmann Crazy Eyes cover. Both left us wondering what the hell Tina Brown was doing. Was it shock and awe? Stupefy and shudder?

According to Business Insider, it was more like talk and sell. As in get people talking about the issues and they’ll eventually buy them. The Diana issue sold about 70,000 copies, way above Newsweek’s average of 50,000, and the Bachmann issue sold just under the average, at 47,255. And that’s not all. The current issue, with Steve Jobs on the cover,  boasts 26 ad pages, up from 11.6 last year.

All that negative publicity turned into positive sales, so we’re kind of surprised this cover wasn’t a little more interesting. But maybe they just couldn’t get their hands on any pictures of Jobs in his birthday suit.