Tina Brown on The Daily Beast: ‘I Spend a Hell of a Lot of Time in My Pajamas’

brownkurtzg.pngOne sometimes wonders if Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast would have had such an easy time defining itself if not for the sprawling presence of the Huffington Post — it seems Brown never misses the chance to subtly point the differences. This Sunday Brown was a guest on Howie Kurtz’s Reliable Sources where she defended the Beast a “completely bipartisan” site: “we’ve have as many Republican pieces — perhaps more, actually — than we’ve had Democratic pieces. As for the Daily Beast’s niche in a seemingly swamped market? “There are so many sites out there that what I thought that the intelligent reader needed was a kind of pilot fish [Portfolio fishes out a definition here] that would take them through this absolute sort of mass of data and Web sites and material and links and everything that’s hurled at people morning, noon and night and give them like 10 smart things that they should read every day that are interesting and provocative…we’re sort of like the smart friends.” She also tells Kurtz the difference between editing a major magazine (she’s previously headed-up Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Talk) and a website is that she spends “a hell of a lot of time in my pajamas” also, she’s having the most fun she’s had since she was 25! Full video including Brown’s thoughts on whether the coverage of the election was sexist after the jump.

Embedded video from CNN Video