Tina Brown on Newsweek: ‘I’m so Glad I’m Not the Editor’

Tina Brown was routinely criticized during her time as Newsweek’s editor, so it’s not surprising to hear that she’s happy she doesn’t have to deal with the magazine’s Bitcoin story fiasco.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Brown was asked what would happen if Newsweek’s story was proven wrong. “That would be rough,” replied Brown. “All I can think of is I’m so glad I’m not the editor.”

Brown also commented on the challenges Newsweek faces, which have been echoed by many:

It is very, very difficult. Even at The New Yorker in the ’90s I was confronting that challenge even before all of this which was by Monday, if you are publishing your magazine and coming out, the internet journalists, they all got the news early. So then you are publishing that is old, which is the only way to go is with depth, context, quality, which of course The New Yorker does. Newsweek’s whole DNA was about driving the weekly headlines and that is just extraordinary hard to pull off because the headlines are old by the time they come out.