Tina Brown: Newsweek/The Daily Beast Will Be Profitable in Three Years

Tina Brown is completely fine with the direction of Newsweek/The Daily Beast, no matter what Ad Age says. Or she’s at least acting like she’s completely fine with things. Last night at the Deadline Club Awards she told Keith Kelly that all is well at Newsweek/Daily Beast. As The Cutline reports:

The Daily Beast, Brown reminded her questioner, was conceived in 2008 on a five-year business plan, “on which we are very, very handsomely along the way.’ Newsweek, meanwhile, ‘is an iconic global brand,’ one that landed 40 new ad campaigns in 40 days earlier this year, she said, ‘so we have absolute confidence, given this new world we’re in, given the energy of the Daily Beast digital brand, that we can reactivate Newsweek.

Brown then added that the company will be profitable “in the next two to three years.”

Everyone get that? Mark May 16th, 2014 in your calendar as the final day Brown has to make good on her statement. Given how much scrutiny she’s under, FishbowlNY is sure she’s already marked the 15th as the last opportunity to leave it all behind by fleeing to Mexico. Of course, once she’s there you just know she’d start up another magazine eerily titled Noticias de la Semana.

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