Tina Brown: ”I Will Always Consider Myself A Journalist”


Former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown talked to Buffalo News reporter Jane Kwiatkowski as a prelude to her talk at The University of Buffalo on Wednesday. Brown talked on celebrity, her favorite subject. ”It’s a terribly bizarre thing,” Brown told The Buffalo News. ”I think the more media we get, the fewer real celebrities we have. I mean there are just not enough celebrities to go around to fill the media requirements. Everybody is famous and nobody is interesting, that’s the awful factor of our times.” Brown also talked about how she became such a media fixture. ”I think I got well-known from doing what I do, but I will always consider myself a journalist … If truth will tell, I’m not some big social kind of want-to-be-there just to be there. I’m always there covering — really.”

The full interview here.