Tina Brown Has Some Reading Suggestons for You

An NPR interview with Tina Brown today revealed that the Daily Beast editor-in-chief wants people reading other things besides recent Beast items “Beautiful Little People: Influential Toddlers” and “Pig Mania: Stop the Bacon Insanity.”

Brown’s picks for Morning Edition‘s monthly “Word of Mouth” segment focuses on “the evolution of the written word.”

Her first pick: New York‘s Feb. 28 profile of media titan Rupert Murdoch.

“You have to admire the way he is sort of the last guy standing who believes in print, just when everybody else has completely bought into the digital revolution,” Brown says.

We think the folks behind the Magazine Publishers of America’s recently launched “The Power of Print” campaign might disagree.

But no matter! More reading suggestions from the mind of Tina Brown, after the jump.

Brown likes:

Publishing: The Revolutionary Future,” a New York Review of Books meditation on the book business;

Wingnuts: How The Lunatic Fringe Is Hijacking America, a book, by former New York Sun columnist John Avlon, about extreme partisanship. It’s a Daily Beast book, by the way.

and “Washington Diarist: The New Proles, a Feb. 12 Leon Wieseltier story in The New Republic about how hard it is to make a living writing nowadays, what with the Internet and all.