Tina Brown Goes Back To The Cave


What will be Tina Brown’s next subject? After magazines and television, the restless ”Lady Evans” is settling — for the moment at least — into the book publishing cosmos. Nearly two years of writing and researching The Diana Chronicles was not enough, apparently. Within the next few months, Brown, says The Observer, will sign another book deal. From the David Foxley of the salmon-colored weekly:

”After spending the better part of last year penning The Diana Chronicles in relative isolation at her beach house, erstwhile New Yorker editor Tina Brown is, at least for the time being, happy to soak up the odd wingding.

”’I didn’t want to go back into my cave right away, if you know what I mean. I’m sure I will do another book, but I just wanted to give myself the fall to cruise and play a little bit, because it’s been a long time,’ said Ms. Brown, 53. She was speaking to The Transom in the Jazz at Lincoln Center’s sixth-floor reception hall, where Events of the Heart — a charity for women with or at risk of contracting heart disease — threw a benefit gala on Monday, October 1.”

On January 30, Tina Brown will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Magazine Publishers of America.